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Our History

We began as a project in 2011. After years of planning, building, and refining the project, now we are launching our first book series:
Classics I


10eLearning began as a project in 2011 when its founders, Ammon and María, began brainstorming about how to integrate android apps and tablets into the regular classroom. Soon this idea evolved into developing a bilingual educational website and María began to work on the concept and possible content during her spare time.

Why bilingual?

As teachers and parents of bilingual children, one of our greatest challenges is to find quality books and educational materials in both languages.

If you live in an English speaking country, the scarcity of quality educational materials in Spanish, especially reading material tied with science and math curriculum, is overwhelming.

At the same time, in Spanish speaking countries, English educational materials are also in shortage. The selection of reading material to develop English vocabulary is very limited or very expensive.

Thus, we created 10e Learning in order to provide high quality bilingual materials at a low cost.

Team Forming

In 2012 Emily joined the project and teamed up with María and Ammon to create the first artwork for the website. They began developing the site prototype and creating a content draft for the reading library, which is the cornerstone of the project. Kathy, our database expert, joined in 2014 as a back end developer.

Our Future

We will never stop creating new content.

Our goal is to create thousands of books, tutorials, and interactive activities covering different subjects such as: reading, writing, math, science, art, and technology.