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Our Philosophy

We strive to create bilingual content that is educational and engaging.

Our Core Principles

Safe Environment

Our goal is to create a safe virtual environment where children can learn. In order to provide that kind of environment we:

-Create clean content that is appropriate for children.

-Meet and exceed all COPPA regulations regarding child online safety.

-Do not display ads or links to third party websites on children’s pages. We do have links to social networks and other informational pages on our parent and teacher pages.

-Do not sell or share any user information with third parties. Furthermore, we do not collect or store personal user information, unless it is necessary for providing our service.


We strive to create content that is engaging and interesting.

Children are active participants in the learning process and apply the concepts and skills that are presented in meaningful ways.

As they complete projects or master skills, they earn badges and other rewards that motivate them to continue their progress.


As teachers and as a parents of bilingual children, one of our greatest challenges is to find quality books and educational materials in both languages.

In our site all our materials are available in both languages, English and Spanish, so our users can choose what language they want to use.

User Friendly

We designed our site with the needs of our users in mind and we pay great attention to our users’ feedback to improve our content and service.

We strive to reduce page load speeds and waste of bandwidth. Our final objective is a fully accessible mobile ready site, regardless of what hardware, software, or language our users prefer.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually reinvesting our revenue in creating more content and improving our users’ experience. Visit our Current Projects to find out what we are working on.

Our Educational Approach

Child Centered

Our site allows the account holder (parent or teacher) to create personal profiles for each child and track progress (books read, skills mastered, and saved work).

Our site has been designed so individual users can direct their own learning, interacting with the content in different ways. Our lessons, activities, and readings (within a mastery level) are independent from each other and do not need to be taken in any specific order, providing a freedom of use based on individual interests and needs.

Explicit Teaching

Each lesson or activity has a specific learning outcome that is stated at the beginning and reinforced throughout.

Curriculum Tools

Our Curriculum Tools allow users to:

-Find materials related to any given learning objective,

-Create curriculum maps,

-Track what state or national standards have been mastered.

Educational standards may differ from country to country or from state to state, thus, our Curriculum Standards can be compared with state or national standards through a search option in our Curriculum Guide Tool.


We have created a color coded scale based on the Lexile range.

We analyze the reading complexity of all our texts and provide a Lexile Measure for each title. Titles are then grouped by ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) on our scale so material in each level is challenging enough that it promotes learning new skills without frustrating the child because of its difficulty.

Users can browse titles by Lexile Measure or by our color coded scale.

Featuring seven reading levels (violet, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red), users can visually recognize what lexiles measurements are between their ZPD and easily find material to practice, grow, and learn at their own pace and stage of development.

Abundant Practice

Lasting learning requires abundant opportunities to practice and use a specific skill or knowledge. Thus we create different content with the same learning objectives so users can obtain the practice they need to achieve long lasting mastery of the material presented.